KJ200710: How to Make Inexpensive International Phone Calls

How can we call overseas without paying too much for it?
Read on for some ideas!

1.International telephone card

This is a calling card which you can use on regular landlines, mobile phones, or some public phones.
They are available from various companies.
“Rechargeable” cards(those which you can add money to in order to use over and over)can be recharged at convenience stores. In order to place a call, first dial the access code(this number varies by company and model of phone).Input the card number, the country code, and then the telephone number.
Every company charges different rates for different countries ; try to find the one with the lowest charges for calls to the country you call the most. You can request a card through the companies’ homepages.
・Cosmo Gold
・Sky World
・Super World
・World Prepaid Card

2.Internet Phone: Skype

Install the free software and register. With just a microphone and a pair of headphones(speakers work too), you can talk with people for free!(The Skype service is free, but regular internet usage fees will apply).For no-cost chatting the person you are calling
must also be registered with Skype. You can call landlines in some locations for a charge.


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