Public Transportation


There are two railway companies operating in Kagawa prefecture: Japan Rail (JR) and Kotoden. Ticket machines are located at each station. At stations with no ticket gate, if you cannot purchase a ticket before your board, you can board without one and buy directly from the conductor once on board. Commuter passes, day passes, etc. must be bought at ticket counters located in larger stations. Children ride free or for discount fares depending on their age.


Kotoden provides information, including a map of train routes, timetables, fares, and the IruCa card system.

Kotoden Guide Map

The guidebook of the Kotoden Railway Line is available for download in multiple languages.

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional·simplified), and Korean.

Kotoden Railway Line Guidebook

🚃JR Shikoku

Information is available in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), and Korean.

JR Shikoku

City Buses

Buses have different fare systems depending on the company, including flat-rate fares and fares that increase with the distance traveled. Buses where the fare changes with distance have a machine at the entrance with a numbered ticket. Take a ticket when you get on. The fares are indicated by number on a screen at the front of the bus. When you hear your stop announced or see the name on the screen, push a button to let the driver know you will be getting off at the next stop. Buttons are located on the walls and ceiling. When you get off, put your numbered ticket and the amount of money shown for that number on the display screen into the box beside the driver.
You can also pay with an IC card. You should touch it to the screen when you get on the bus and again when you get off. If you do not have enough money on your card, tell the driver and charge your card.

Expressway Buses

Expressway buses leave from Takamatsu, Marugame and other cities in Kagawa bound for long-distance destinations in other parts of Japan.

◎Express bus companies and destinations


There are taxi stands outside certain locations such as large stations and hospitals. You can also call a taxi company to send you a taxi. Taxis which have a sign in their windshield showing the word “vacant” (空車くうしゃ) in red letters can be hailed on the street. Taxi fares are calculated by distance and time, and fares are higher (about 20%) late at night and early in the morning. There is no tipping.


Takamatsu Airport has domestic flights to Haneda and Narita in Tokyo as well as Okinawa and international flights to Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong. For details, see the websites of each airline company and of Takamatsu Airport.

◎Airline companies using Takamatsu Airport

💻Takamatsu Airport

Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)
1312-7 Oka Konan-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-1401

Takamatsu Airport


Ferries and passenger boats to various islands and to other prefectures leave from ports in Takamatsu, Marugame, Tadotsu, Kan-onji and Mitoyo. Some are vehicle ferries while some are high-speed passenger boats. Fares vary. For details, see the websites of each port and ferry company.


Many places in Kagawa have rent-a-cycle services. In Takamatsu city, you can rent a bicycle from 7 central locations, including under the JR Takamatsu Station Plaza, under the Kotoden Kawaramachi Station, and Kotoden Ritsurin Koen Station. This convenient service allows you to return the bike to any of these locations once you are finished. Bicycles can be rented all day for ¥200. Registration and renting is done through the "HELLO CYCLING" app, so make sure to download it on your smartphone and register before you go rent a bike.

The app is available in English, Japanese and Chinese.