KJ200707: Public Utilities

Household goods in western Japan use 60Hz frequency,100 volt electricity. Foreign electrical goods may be designed for use with a different voltage, and may not be useable here.

1)Application for service :
You can use electricity in the house immediately by switching the safety breaker and circuit-breaker to the on position. Find your customer number, displayed on a Shikoku Electric Power Co. sticker, near the breakers or in the entry hall, and then call your local Shikoku Electric Power Co. branch(Chuugoku Electric Power Co. for Shodoshima and Naoshima).Also, you can apply for internet use at the same time(except for newly constructed houses).

2)Paying your electricity bill :
Your meter is read by an inspector each month, after which your electricity bill is calculated. There are various methods of payment, such as bank transfers, direct debit etc. For direct debits, the electricity bill is automatically debited from your account. For bank transfers, a bill is posted to you, which you can then pay at banks, post offices or convenience stores.
3)If there is a problem / Canceling your account :
If your electricity supply suddenly stops while using electrical goods, first check that the safety breaker and circuit-breaker are in the on position. If they are in the off position, switch them back to the on position. If power does not return, please contact your local power supplier.
If you wish to cancel your electricity supply, please contact your electricity supplier as early as possible. A receipt with your customer number is necessary at this time.

Tap water is purified at purification facilities so it is safe to drink without any further processing.

1)Application for service :
Each town and city hall has a different system for taking applications ; please inquire at your local town or city hall. You will need your address and identification documents to apply.

2)Paying your water bill :
Your meter is checked every month or every other month and the bill is calculated based on how much water you have used. You can pay by direct debit or by bank transfer (at your bank, post office, or convenience store).
3)If there is a problem / Canceling your account :
If water stops flowing from your taps, you have a leaky pipe, or you wish to cancel your contract, please contact your local city or town hall. If you have your receipt, customer number and identification materials with you at this time, your application will be processed more quickly.

3.Gas :
There are two types of gas supplied in Kagawa Prefecture - natural “city gas” or propane gas (LP gas). “city gas” is supplied via pipelines built into the city infrastructure.
Propane gas is purchased from a gas company, which delivers it in a tanker truck. It is necessary to check which kind of gas is used in your house before purchasing gas appliances.

1)Application for service :
For households which can use city gas, please contact Shikoku Gas before use. An official will visit and switch on your gas supply for you. Please do not attempt to do this yourself as it is very dangerous. Propane gas can be used immediately as long as you have a propane gas hob etc. You can have propane gas delivered by calling your local propane gas dealer.

2)Paying your gas bill
For city gas users, a monthly notice of gas use will be delivered following inspection of your meter. You can pay by direct debit or by bank transfer(at your bank, post office or convenience store).For propane gas you will have to pay by the method decided upon by your supplier.
3)If there is a problem / Canceling your account :
If you notice a gas leak, definitely do not get close to a fire. Open a window and air out the room. Turn off the gas at the wall and at the gas meter and contact either Shikoku Gas or your propane gas supplier, depending on which type of gas you use, and inform them of the problem.
When canceling your contract, please contact Shikoku Gas or your propane gas supplier.


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