20Apr08:Shikoku 88-Temple Circuit Experience Covered 18kilos on foot !

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 The day started out a bit cloudy, but the sun came out eventually and made for a very nice day, if a bit hot on the steep parts.  All the participants had a good time, enjoying some beautiful places.  The walking started from Kokubunji Temple after some lectures about Shikoku 88 Temples. 

 We had some interviews by broadcasting stations and newspapers, too.  Just before leaving the temple, we had Osettai( a kind of service provided by the local people for those who experiencing 88 temples).  Owing to the rain a few days ago, parts of the paths were muddy but we didn't mind because the scenery was perfect.

 We covered 18 kilometers on foot and three temples; Kokubunji Temple, Shiramineji Temple and Negoroji Temple, where the vice chief priest gave us another lecture.  At the end of the day, all of us had fulfillment of the day



We put on traditional pilgrimage wear before the start.



One of the participants, Daniel, has already visited many of the 88 temples and explained the experience he had.




Matthew, being interviewed by a broadcasting station.


We had osettai at Kokubunji Temple.



On the path from Kokubunji Temple to Shiramineji Temple.





There are many command a fine view along the paths.



Cleaning your hands and mouth is a must before giving a prayer.



Giving a prayer at Shiramineji Temple.



The vice chief priest at Negoroji Temple gave us a lecture.


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