Natural Disasters

Japan has many earthquakes that cause considerable damage. There is a 70% chance a megathrust earthquake will occur in the Nankai trough on the south side of Shikoku within the next 30 years. This would affect Kagawa, which is on the northeast side of Shikoku. In addition, heavy rains and typhoons can also cause disasters. It is therefore important to prepare in advance.

📖Disaster Preparedness Guidebook

The International Affairs Division of the Kagawa prefectural government has published a guidebook on how to prepare for a disaster and what to do if one occurs. It can be downloaded from the International Affairs Division website. Copies are also available at I-PAL Kagawa.

Easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Disaster Preparedness Guidebook

For more information on disasters, see Chapter 10 Emergencies and Disasters (Typhoons and Earthquakes) of the Guidebook on Living and Working on the website of the Immigration Services Agency.