When there is a fire, call 119. Tell the operator that there is a fire and give the location and your name.


For urgent illnesses and injuries, call 119 and ask for an ambulance. Tell the operator the location and your name and that it is an illness or injury.

※In some cities, it is possible to call 119 not just in Japanese but in some other languages as well.

Reporting Traffic Accidents and Crimes

If there is a traffic accident or crime, call 110. Tell the operator your location, what happened, and your name.
In addition to Japanese, the 110 number handles calls in the languages shown below.

24-hour service:
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese
Service on weekdays from 8:30-18:00:
Vietnamese, Nepalese, Thai, Russian, Tagalog, Hindi, Indonesian

📖Guidebook for Foreigners

The Kagawa Prefectural Police issues a multilingual guidebook for foreigners explaining how to call 110, traffic safety, how to protect yourself from crime, and outlines of proceedings if you are the victim of a crime or if you are involved in a traffic accident.

Japanese, English, Spanish, Tagalog, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian.

Guidebook for Foreigners

Guidelines for Victims

📖Rules of the Road (Multilingual)

The Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) sells translations of the Rules of the Road handbook for driving in Japan. See the link below (Japanese).

Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish.

Rules of the Road (Multilingual)(Japanese)