If You Are Pregnant

If you test positive for pregnancy at a clinic or hospital, you will be given a notification of pregnancy (ninshin todokesho). Please visit your municipal government office or a Health Center (hokensho) to get a Mother and Child Health Handbook (boshikenkō techō). This handbook is used to record the results of health checkups during pregnancy and after childbirth and helps you and your doctors to monitor the health and growth of your child. Be sure to keep this Handbook with you at all times during your pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you should get plenty of rest and nutrition as well as appropriate daily exercise, such as walking. Be sure to go to your regular health checkups. When you receive your Mother and Child Health Handbook, you will receive health checkup forms that allow you to receive a partial subsidy for regular health checkup expenses during your pregnancy. Municipal governments offer free home visits from midwives and/or public health nurses and free prenatal classes to support fathers and mothers to learn the skills and knowledge needed to care for their baby after it is born. For more details, contact your municipality or your hospital/clinic.

📖Multilingual Mother and Child Health Handbook

You can order a Mother and Child Health Handbook in the following languages for a fee from the Mothers’ and Children’s Health and Welfare Association.

English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Nepalese.

Multilingual Mother and Child Health Handbook(English)