KJ200607: How to throw out your garbage

The time and location of garbage collection depends on the district you are living in. Please ask the city hall, town hall, or your neighbors about garbage disposal in your area.

Garbage is divided into two categories : burnable garbage and non-burnable garbage.
Many districts have separate collection days for recyclable garbage such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans.

Please do not throw your garbage out before the designated day and time. Also, throw out your garbage out using the designated garbage bags for the type of garbage you are disposing of(available at your neighborhood grocery store).

In charging a fee for these designated bags, the municipalities aim to decrease the amount of garbage people throw out.

* Burnable Garbage - food waste, paper scraps, etc.

* Non-burnable Garbage - ceramic goods, plastic, etc.

* Recyclable Garbage - paper, cloth, metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc

* Oversized Garbage - furniture, bedding, electronics, manufactured goods, etc.

* Please confirm the disposal method(time, place, and type of garbage)at each city hall or town hall.


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