KJ200607: Switching your foreign license into a Japanese license

In order to switch your foreign license into a Japanese license, you must submit the necessary documents to the driving center in your area.
These documents must pass inspection, and then you must pass a test.

The test includes a subject test(available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Farsi)and a technical skills test. However, depending on the nationality of your original license, these tests may be waived and you may only have to complete an aptitude exam.

*Documents Necessary to Switch Your License*

1.Foreign Driver’s License(license must still be valid)

2.Translation of Your Foreign Driver’s License (issued by the Japan Automobile Federation or an official office of your home country located in Japan)

JAF Shikoku Headquarters, Kagawa Branch 760-0079

Takamatsu-shi Matsunawa-cho 591 TEL:087-867-8411

3.Proof that you spent at least three months in the country that issued your license after the license was issued.

You are responsible for preparing this document, which may be a certificate of completion of a school course, a tax form, a phone bill, a paid-rent receipt, etc.

Translation is not needed.


5.Alien Registration Card

6.One passport photo(3×2.4cm)taken within the past 6 months.

7.Handling Fee(application fee and delivery fee)

*This process differs slightly per region. For details regarding the necessary documents, application handling fee, etc, please contact your nearest driving center directly.

Driver’s License Center TEL:087-833-0110

761-8031Takamatsu City, Goto-cho587-138

Eastern Region Driver’s License Center TEL:0879-25-0110

769-2601 Higashikagawa City, Sanbonmatsu 1723-2

Driver’s License Shozu Office TEL:0879-82-0110

761-4121 Shozu-gun Tonosho-cho Fuchizaki-ko 2189-2


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