KJ200607: Summer in Sanuki (3/3)

Onslaught of typhoons : From summer till the beginning of autumn, low-pressure systems develop in the southern waters and attack Japan in the form of strong winds and heavy rain.

Although Kagawa is protected by Sanuki mountain ranges, houses and roads have been flooded due o heavy rain and tidal waves in recent typhoons. Keep an eye on weather reports and take the following precautions.


- Typhoon Precautions -

1. In case there is a blackout, have a flashlight/torch handy.

2. Ensure that you have working batteries in your radio.

3. Pack an emergency kit in case you are asked to evacuate, and ensure that you have enough drinking water in case water supply is stopped.

4. Look around your house, and secure outdoor items that might be blown away.

5. Close shutters or storm doors, and seal the gaps with tape.

6. Where there is danger of flooding, put items that must not get wet in as high a place as possible.

7. Completely turn off all gas lines.

Make sure you do 4 and 5 before the typhoon intensifies.


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