KJ200610: A Fruitful Autumn (1/2)

Autumn Festival:Various crops ripen to abundance in Autumn, and at farms, the inekari(rice harvest, pulling rice plants from the paddies)takes place.

Recently the use of machines has led to fewer people participating, but traditionally, schools would have a harvest holiday so that the children could help their families with the harvest.

After the harvest, autumn festivals take place at local shrines. The festivals are events of thanksgiving,directed at the seeds sown in the spring and raised with such care.

On clear Autumn holiday days, large groups of adults and children wearing matching headbands and happi(Japanese -style clothes)can be seen playing chimes, bells and taiko drums while carrying portable shrines through town.

At local shrines, lively markets full of candy apple, scooping goldfish and cotton candy stalls can be found, and watching lion dances there is especially enjoyable. It’s a great way of discovering some traditional Japanese culture .

Everybody, please see for yourselves!


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