The seasons in Kagawa

 Allow us to introduce some home cooking intended to warm you from the inside! It is all wonderfully suited forthis season, the coldest time of the year.

Experience Autumn at a mountain temple ~ Okuboji (Sanuki City)

Konpirasan Festival ~ Konpira Shrine(Kotohira Town)

Camping under the stars ~ Mt. Otaki (Shionoe Town)

Why not take a Bento lunch and try taking a hike on a
cool, fine Autumn day? Here are some recommended hiking spots in Kagawa:

Autumn-leaf Viewing Hike~Kankakei Gorge(Shodoshima)

A Cool Summer
Kagawa Prefecture is one of the sunniest prefectures in Japan, and receives very little rain. This, combined with the warming effects of the Seto Inland Sea, means that we get to experience a summer appropriate to the tropics! How about trying out these tricks for cooling down this summer?

The Rainy Season
Before the heat of summer really picks up, humidity from the Indian Ocean brings a period of heavy rain to much of Asia.

A New Year and Golden Week
March and April see two major changes in the lives of young people.

Flower Viewing Spots in Kagawa
(from “Kagawa Event Guidebook”)