KJ200610: A Fruitful Autumn (2/2)

Autumn-leaf viewing : With this season’s continuing refreshing, fine weather, one can say that this is the easiest season for living in Japan.

Based around National Sports Day on the 2nd Monday in October and National Culture Day on the 3rd of November, school have sports days,and various clubs show off their talents in the bunkasai. Other events related to sports, culture,and art are held around the city. Along with enjoying sports and travel, it is said that Autumn is the optimum season for diligent studying and reading, so people call this season either “ Reading Autumn ”,“ Arts Autumn ”,“ Sports Autumn”or“Travelling Autumn”(some also call it “Appetite Autumn”for all the food that is harvested).

Also, in Autumn the leaves on the trees turn to beautiful shades of red or yellow. Going out to the hills to view these“momiji”, or Autumn leaves(maple leaves are especially preferred), is called“momiji-gari”, Autumn-leaf viewing. Just after viewing some beautiful Autumn scenery is the perfect time to take a seasonal Autumn dip in an onsen.


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