KJ200610: Let's try onsen!

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Most Japanese just love onsen(hot springs baths)and o-furo(public baths, or those in the home).
Relaxing in the hot water, one can let the day’s exhaustion just melt away.

In cold weather an o-furo will warm the soul. Won’t you give the“naked association”of the Japanese bath a try?

How to enjoy an onsen / o-furo

1.Things to bring:a bath towel, small hand towel, change of clothes, and entrance fee.

2.At the entrance:pay the entrance fee and borrow a locker key. (If there are no lockers, leave your valuables with the attendant at the front counter).

3.Pass through the proper hanging curtain,


4.Remove your clothes and put them in the locker ; bring your hand towel into the bath area. (You don’t need a swimsuit! Those embarrassed at their nudity can cover up with the hand towel. )

5.Don’t get directly into the bathtub. First, clean your body outside of the tub using either water scooped from the tub with the basins provided, or the showers.

6.After washing all the soap off, get into the bath. Those with long hair may wrap it up so that it doesn’t get in the water. Do not put your hand towel in the water. Do not swim. Relax and enjoy the wonderful bath!

7. When you are done in the bath, replace the basins, etc. you may have used and head back to the changing area.

8. After changing, spend some time relaxing in the provided space. Enjoy a cool drink and let your body readjust to the air.

*A warning: depending on the type of bath, some metals may be discolored ; it is advised that you leave rings and other jewelry with your valuables.


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