KJ200610: Public Holidays

In Japan there are 14 Public Holidays every year.

In 1 week in late-April to early-May, there are 3 public holidays, and this week is called Golden Week. Many people use this as an opportunity to take trips during the beautiful Spring season. If you are planning a holiday, Golden Week, O-Bon Festival and the Christmas / New Year period are the most popular times for travel. The date for O-Bon varies according to where you are, but falls between the 13th-16th August. The New Year holidays are from 29th December to 3rd January. During these periods, public transport and motorways get very crowded with people returning to their home-towns or going on trips. It’s a good idea to book hotels very early.
On public holidays, schools and public offices, along with most companies, have a day off, but department stores and shopping arcades are open for business, with Sunday opening hours. (However, some shops and restaurants / bars may close specially for O-Bon or New Years’. Also, O-Bon is not an official public holiday so public offices open as usual. )

New Year’s Day - January 1st
Celebrate the New Year

Coming of Age Day - 2nd Monday in January
Celebrate coming-of age, encourage those who have turned20.

National Foundation Day - February11th
Celebrate the birth of Japan, encourage patriotism

Vernal Equinox Day – around March 21st
Celebrate nature, pray for good harvest

Greenery Day – April 29th
Get close to nature, give thanks for its blessings and pray for a plentiful harvest

Constitution Day - May 3rd
Commemorate the signing of the Japanese Constitution, pray for the country’s success

Children’s Day - May 5th
Honor children’s personalities and pray for their happiness, give thanks to mothers

Marine Day - 3rd Monday in July
Pray for the sea’s blessing, wish Japan success as a seafaring nation

Respect-for-the-Aged Day - 3rd Monday in September
Give respect to the elderly and pray for their long life.

Autumnal Equinox Day – around 23rd September
Respect for ancestors and the dead

Sports Day - 2nd Monday in October
Enjoy sports, build a healthy body

Culture Day - 3rd November
Celebrate peace and liberty, enjoy Japanese culture

Labor Thanksgiving Day - November 23rd
People of Japan give thanks for each other’s efforts and pray for success in manufacture and labor

The Emperor’s Birthday - December 23rd
Celebrate the Emperor’s birthday

*If a national holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday becomes a day off.


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