Dominique, a French national, notices that her friend is looking kind of down. She approaches her:
“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”. The friend responds:
“It’s nothing ; I’m all right”, but Dominique can’t just leave it at that, and so asks again “Something’s wrong isn’t it? You can tell me about it.”

JR offers a seasonal ticket with which you can ride any of their regular or semi-express(kaisoku)trains all day, for the equivalent of only \2300 a day! Though the deal is called the“youth18ticket,”anyone is able to buy a set.

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

Aimed at those whose first language is not Japanese, the JLPT is a test intended to gauge Japanese ability. It is administered both locally and overseas once a year, and is divided into four levels(1kyuu through4kyuu,1being “most proficient”).

The Seto Inland Sea, blessed with a warm climate and nature in abundance, contains many islands. In total, there are 24 inhabited islands and 92 desert islands within Kagawa Prefecture. Why don’t you try fishing, camping, swimming in the sea, cycling, sea kayaking or visiting sites of historical interest on these uniquely charming islands?

KJ200701: Winter Sports

Looking for something a bit more active to do this winter?
Try some winter sports, Japan-style!

Times when the holidays overlap are, for Japanese people, points where they can particularly feel the turning of the seasons.

KJ200610: Public Holidays

In Japan there are 14 Public Holidays every year.