KJ200701: What to do if you're in a traffic accident

Exchange student “A” was riding her bike to a part-time job one night. All of a sudden, a car emerges from a side street and bumps into her, hitting her in the chest.

The driver gets out and asks her “Daijyoubu?”(“Are you all right?”). Embarrassed, A hurriedly replies “daijyoubu desu”(I’m fine)and leaves. Her chest hurt a bit, but she was nervous and excited and didn’t notice it. Later, she visits the hospital and learns that she has a cracked rib ; the medical expenses end up being solely her responsibility and cost a lot of money.
What should someone do when placed in a situation like that of A?

If you’re in a traffic accident :
1) If you are the victim :
-1 call the police(#110)
-2 trade information with the other person(name, address, license plate number, insurance company)
-3 visit the hospital(even for an injury that seems light)

2)if you are the perpetrator :
-1 call for first-aid and an ambulance(#119); make sure the injured person has been tended to before
-2 doing anything else
-3 inform the police

Note: even if one of you is in a hurry, or the other person offers to give you money, make sure to inform the police of the accident. If you fail to contact the police, you will not be able to obtain a “proof of accident” form that may later become necessary(for hospital, court, insurance, etc.)

Kagawa Traffic Accident Consultation
Kagawa Prefectural Building
East Hall, 2nd Floor
Bancho 4-1-10
Takamatsu City


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