KJ200701: Winter Sports

Looking for something a bit more active to do this winter?
Try some winter sports, Japan-style!

Visas to Japan have a limit of 1 or 3 years. For those wishing to stay on in Japan after their visa expires, renewal of your visa’s period of residence is required. If you stay longer than the permitted period, please be warned that you face deportation.

Exchange student “A” was riding her bike to a part-time job one night. All of a sudden, a car emerges from a side street and bumps into her, hitting her in the chest.

Let’s enjoy the winter warmly!
Hokkaido and other particularly cold regions build homes with various devices, such as double-paned windows, to keep cold out and warmth in. Some places are kept warm enough to walk around in your tee-shirt in the dead of winter! Shikoku, a region that stays comparatively warm, has colder houses in the winter. So how do people here warm up in this cold weather?