KJ200707: Cool Off This Summer (1/2)

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The Rainy Season
Before the heat of summer really picks up, humidity from the Indian Ocean brings a period of heavy rain to much of Asia.

With the exception of Hokkaido, Japan’s rainy season generally spans June and July, and is called baiyu or tsuyu.
The increase in humidity is accompanied by rapidly growing mold, and it’s important to be conscious of the possibility of food poisoning. On the other hand, the tsuyu rains are important to farmers who have just finished planting their paddies. Once the monsoons have passed, a period of good weather known as “the ten days after tsuyu” begins.
Schoolchildren begin their summer recess in the middle of July, on the three-day weekend celebrating “Ocean Day”. Lots of people head out to the mountains and the sea, but even after the rainy season is over localized downpours are a strong possibility, so take care when planning an outing.


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