Receipt of CIR Written Appointment (April 15th)

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Ms. Ryu Tei, a new CIR from China, and Ms. Lim Seon-A, a second year CIR from Korea, received a written appointment from the Governer.  They are invited through JET program for the purpose of promoting international exchange for Kagawa Prefecture.

    As of April this year, 5 CIRs from 5 counties are working for Kagawa.  Ms. Ryu works at I-PAL Kagawa and Ms. Lim works at IAD, Kagawa prefecture.  Their jobs are editing forein publications, translation, designing an international exchange project, reception of visitors, interpretation, etc.  A CIR from China is invited from Sensei Province in China which  has made a goodwill treaty with Kagawa Prefecture.



Ms. Ryu, receiving a written appointment from the Governor
















Ms. Ryu, a CIR from China, and Ms. Lim Seon-A, a CIR from Korea
















A Snapshot with Governor Mananbe and Vice-Governor Takagi



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