What Is I-PAL Kagawa

I-PAL Kagawa is the nickname for the Kagawa International Exchange Center. It is located in Takamatsu city, seat of the Kagawa prefectural government office, and serves as a base for multicultural and international exchange activities in Kagawa. The Kagawa Prefecture International Exchange Association runs the center and offers a variety of programs that support international exchange and cooperation in collaboration with prefectural and municipal governments as well as with international exchange associations in cities and towns within Kagawa.

The number of foreign nationals living in Kagawa is increasing annually. We work to build a society in which both Japanese and non-Japanese residents fully participate as fellow citizens. Our programs focus on promoting multicultural coexistence and providing various kinds of support to non-Japanese residents and to Japanese residents who are supporting them. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to consult about any specific difficulties you are experiencing.

🏢Many municipalities in Kagawa have their own local international exchange division or association. Please check the list below and contact the one in your area if you wish to consult.

⑧Prefectural and municipal international exchange divisions

⑨Prefectural and municipal international exchange associations