Other Things You Can Do at I-PAL Kagawa

Learn Other Languages

In addition to our Japanese-language courses, we offer courses in many other languages for high school students and up. The courses are held three times a year: from April through July (12 lessons), from September through December (12 lessons), and from January through March (9 lessons). Classes are held once a week, and each class is two hours long. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. You can attend a lesson for free to decide whether or not to join the class. Please see our website for more details.

Become a Volunteer

We welcome volunteers year-round. Foreign residents can help by serving as volunteers and by introducing the culture of their country. If you want to help, please register as a volunteer. Please see our website for more details.

Volunteer application forms are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Read Magazines and Books in Many Languages


The I-PAL Kagawa library has not only textbooks for learning the Japanese language, but also picture books in 11 languages, and DVDs in 8 languages. You will need an I-PAL Kagawa library card to borrow books, so please apply for one at the library. Users may borrow two books for up to two weeks at a time. Please see our website for more details.

Exchange Floor

Visitors can read newspapers and magazines for free in many languages.

English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog.
Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese.

💻Kagawa Official Tourism Website “VISIT KAGAWA”

The Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association offers brochures in many languages about different sightseeing spots as well as the Kagawa Passport with coupons. These can be downloaded from the association’s website. The site also has information about connecting to free Wi-Fi in Kagawa. Please see their website for more details.

Information is provided in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, and Thai.

Kagawa Official Tourism Website “VISIT KAGAWA”

Rent Rooms for Events and Meetings

We rent rooms for non-profit events and activities. Rooms include classrooms, conference rooms, small meeting rooms, and a Japanese tatami-mat room. Please see our website for information on rental fees and availability.

Post Information

You can advertise intercultural events and other activities on the I-PAL Plaza bulletin boards. Bring the information you wish to post to the Kagawa Prefecture International Exchange Association in I-PAL Kagawa. Our staff will review the content and post it if it is approved for up to one month.

Enjoy Intercultural and International Exchange

The Exchange Floor on the mezzanine level and I-PAL Plaza on the first floor can be used freely as an informal space for meeting up with friends of other countries and cultures.

9:00-18:00 when I-PAL Kagawa is open.

Use Free Wi-Fi

Choose “freespot” on your Wi-Fi setting.

Participate in International Exchange Events

Everyone is welcome to participate in various events to promote cultural exchange at I-PAL Kagawa and to learn about different cultures through our programs. Please see the web pages below for more details.

Get Event Information

We announce various events and information of interest to foreign residents through social media. Please send us a friend request and “Like” our page.

アイパル香川( かがわ )

💻Helpful Information Service

Every three months, the Kagawa Prefecture International Affairs Division sends out a free bulletin with helpful information on living in Kagawa and various events and activities. To subscribe, please fill out the application form on the Kagawa Prefecture International Affairs Division website and submit it by email. You can also get an application form at I-PAL Kagawa.

Application forms are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.