5.4 Factory Productions and Tradeの最近のブログ記事


Many public facilities such as FROM Kagawa (Kagawa Prefecture Science and Technology Center), NEXT Kagawa (Support Facility for New Industry), The Research Institute for Solvothermal Technology, The Kagawa Industrial Intelligence Center, The Kagawa University Department of Engineering and The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Shikoku are based here in Kagawa, and many private facilities researching and developing the latest technology have located to the surrounding areas, which has led to a new city developing out of this cluster of R&D facilities and industrial support facilities.
The idea behind the Kagawa Intelligent Park is to use this agglomeration of industrial, academic and government facilities to its full potential and offer support to research and development projects in emerging fields such as nanotechnology and biotech sugar research. We aim to establish the park as "a centre for creating new industries and new research and development by linking industry, academia and government."


The Takamatsu Container Terminal was opened in March of 1997, in Takamatsu Port's F-area (Takamatsu, Asahi Shinmachi). Expanding trade is focused on Asian countries such as China and Korea, and charter container ships transit from Pusan, Shanghai, and Tsingtao. Plans are in the works to increase trade capacity by expanding the yard and adding additional facilities to the terminal. The opening of the trans-Shikoku expressway has made the port even more convenient.
Current plans are also being developed for the installation of a 30,000 ton, 12-meter submerged breakwater in the F-area. It is also necessary to develop this international terminal to meet the demands of increasingly large freighters carrying an increasing amount of cargo. Further functional enhancement is aimed at earthquake resistance, and in ensuring an easy rebuild in case of damage from an extremely large-scale earthquake. With these improvements, we hope that the terminal can also prove an agent of vitalization for local economic development.