KJ200707: Seishun 18 Ticket

JR offers a seasonal ticket with which you can ride any of their regular or semi-express(kaisoku)trains all day, for the equivalent of only \2300 a day! Though the deal is called the“youth18ticket,”anyone is able to buy a set.

Periods of availability generally focus around student holidays in the spring, summer, and winter. You buy a book of five tickets for \11500,and each ticket can be used for a full day, by yourself or split among friends (i.e. five friends could all take a day trip somewhere).
If the train you are on runs later than 11:59 pm, your current ticket is valid until the first stop after midnight.
Though you can’t use the ticket for trains which require additional express fares, you can use it for any of JR’s regular trains, and on the ferry that runs from Itsukushima Shrine to Miyajima. Local overnight trains on which the ticket can be used include the “Moonlight Kochi” etc.
The ticket will not be accepted at turnstiles, so make sure you pass through the manned booth at train platforms, or show it to the conductor in case the platform has no attendant.

The 2007 tickets are…
Sold between : July 1 and August31,and between December12and January10
Utilizable from : July 20 to September 10,and December 10to January20
They are sold at most major JR stations and travel agencies.


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