What's I-Pal

I-PAL Kagawa is a friendly nickname of the facility formally known as the "Kagawa International Exchange Center," since its opening.

The name was formed from:

"Ai" (I) (which means "love" in Japanese, stands for the first letters of the words "International exchange" and "Information", and means "I" in English.); "Pal" (meaning friend or companion); and "Kagawa" (the name of the prefecture where it is located.)

This facility was created as a base for people who are involved in international exchange, a center for information sharing between friends and associates, a spot for making new friends, and a gathering place for people active in promoting international relations. The acronym, "IPAL" projects the image of a place where people can come together, and expand global mutual understanding and friendship through international exchange, conveying its vision of spreading love in the world through international exchange and cooperation.


11-63, Bancho 1 Cho-me, Takamatsu, Kagawa, 760-0017, JAPAN

access map
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TEL 087-837-5901  FAX087-837-5903

Facility Guide

The Exchange Floor in IPAL is open for use, as are the International Cooperation Plaza, Library, Friendship City Exhibition Room and Exhibition Hall.

Meeting rooms are available for conferences and events. Reservation for rent is necessary.

I-PAL Kagawa has become smoke-free as of April 1st, 2004.

Hour of Operation

9 am- 6 pm 9 am - 9 pm (Tuesday~Friday except holidays)

Holiday Closures

I-PAL Kagawa is closed on Mondays.
*If a holiday falls on a Monday, the Center will remain open for that day and will be on the following business day. (Generally, the following Tuesday is treated as the holiday.) Also it is closed for New Year holidays. (December 29 ~ January 3rd)