Japanese Language Classes

  1. There are 7 classes (Beginners 1 ~ Japanese 3)
  2. Time schedules for classes
  3. Every Wednesday 10:00~12:00 Japanese 1
    Every Thursday 10:00~12:00 Beginners 2
    Every Saturday 10:00~12:00 Japanese1
      12:30~14:30 Beginners1, Japanese 2
      15:00~17:00 Beginners2, Japanese 3
  4. Period 
    Apr. 9 (Thursday) ~ Sep. 19 (Saturday) of the following year
    *It varies with the class.
  5. Fee
    4,000yen (It covers whole period.)
  6. Textbook (Introductory)
    For Introductory levels, a textbook exclusively published by the Association will be used.
    >>See the textbook
  7. Registration
    You can sign up any time until the class is full. (maximum 15 students in a class)
  8. Inquiries
    Kagawa Prefecture International Exchange Association
    TEL 087-837-5908 FAX 087-837-5903
    *The Center is closed on Mondays. If a holiday falls on a Monday, the Center will remain open on that day and the subsequent Tuesday is treated as the holiday.
  9. List of Japanese Language Classes ,Schedule,Application Form


Map of Japanese Classes in KAGAWA