2008 Archive

On November 28, 2008, I gave a talk entitled "The American West: Dreams and Reality" at an I-PAL International Understanding Class. 

Enai.jpgOn November 7, 2008, I had a fun school visit at Enai Elementary School in Kotohira.  I met with the 6th graders, and using a PowerPoint presentation, I talked about lifestyles, language, and customs in the U.S.  While doing my self-introduction, I taught the 6th graders some simple greetings and phrases, such as "My name is ○○" or "I like ○○."  The 6th graders actively followed my pronunciation and learned the English words.  At the end of the presentation, I taught the students the names of various animals, and to give them a chance to use the new vocabulary, I taught them the game "Animal Janken Challenge!"  In this game, the students made teams and read the names of animals written on flash cards.  When a competing student met the opposing team's member in the middle of the row of flash cards, they played janken (rocks, paper, scissors).  It was a really exciting game!