2008 Archive

The Eighth Meeting of the International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like Species in the North Pacific Ocean was held at the Sunport Takamatsu Kagawa International Conference Hall from July 22 to July 27.   

Starting from July 28th, the national teams of Finland (track and field, kayak, and boat) and Denmark (track and field), as well as track and field athletes from Estonia and Egypt will be training at Marugame Stadium (in Marugame) and Fuchu Lake (in Sakaide), where they will be preparing and making adjustments for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Prior to the Pre-Camp, Kagawa Prefecture invited a native lecturer from each country, and held an international understanding lecture about such things as each country's culture, history and lifestyle. The lectures, which targeted elementary school students, were held at 11 schools in Marugame and Sakaide, and at four venues for the general public. In total, more than 1,100 people attended the lectures, and they were able to obtain firsthand information and to familiarize themselves with each country.

CIRs, who were invited through JET program for the purpose of promoting international exchange and improving foreign language education for Kagawa Prefecture, paid a courtesy visit on the Governor at the end of their term.  They were presented a Certificate of Appreciation by the Governor.

6 students and 1 teacher at Elberton High School paid a courtesy visit on the Governor.

They came to Kagawa for the homestay program in Mure Town, Takamatsu City.

19 participants, who would expire their term in July or August, paid a courtesy visit to the Governor on July 3rd.  They are invited through JET program for the purpose of promoting international exchange for Kagawa Prefecture.