2009 Archive

On April 16th, I engaged in exchange with and introduced the JET Programme and the activities of Kagawa's CIRs to young prefectural employees taking part in the 2009 New Employee Training Seminar.  Those in attendance all listened very politely to my talk, asked questions, and participated actively in an exchange activity that I led.  I think they will all become excellent prefectural employees. クリスさんの講義1.JPG


As Kagawa's James Bond, I gave a speech, along with Ms. Hayashi, the Bond Girl, at the District Meeting for Rotary Internaitonal's 2670th District.  In our speech we did PR for Naoshima Island and Kagawa Prefecture, and we continued working to realize the filming of a 007 movie right here in Kagawa.  Normally it would be extremely nerve-racking to stand beneath the bright stage lights and speak in front of a large group of people, but once I put on the bow-tie and assumed the appearance of James Bond, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and had a good time giving my performance. 007 Rotary1.JPG

The ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited Kagawa for the first time as an ambassador and had a courtesy visit with the governor of Kagawa prefecture. Currently the relationship between the two countries is advancing in the field of energy, and the ambassador visited Kagawa with the intention of strengthening the relationship in other spheres.