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Dominique, a French national, notices that her friend is looking kind of down. She approaches her:
“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”. The friend responds:
“It’s nothing ; I’m all right”, but Dominique can’t just leave it at that, and so asks again “Something’s wrong isn’t it? You can tell me about it.”

How can we call overseas without paying too much for it?
Read on for some ideas!

Experience Autumn at a mountain temple ~ Okuboji (Sanuki City)

Konpirasan Festival ~ Konpira Shrine(Kotohira Town)

Camping under the stars ~ Mt. Otaki (Shionoe Town)

Why not take a Bento lunch and try taking a hike on a
cool, fine Autumn day? Here are some recommended hiking spots in Kagawa:

Autumn-leaf Viewing Hike~Kankakei Gorge(Shodoshima)