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At Iyadani-ji, I was given the task to interpret the speech that the head monk would deliver. I had a Japanese copy in advance that would help me, but I first had to translate the speech into English. This was no easy task. In fact, my boss told me jokingly that after I translate it, I would know enough about Buddhism to become a monk. Although it was difficult, it was full of great history and information that I didn't know.

For example, it is said that the important founder of the 88 temples, Kukai Kobo Daishi, studied at this temple at a young age. I also learned that Iyadani-ji is also known as a temple for the spirits of the deceased.

There was lots of other information, but I think it's best to visit the temple and learn about the history in person. Let's join the next 88 temple experience together.


The place to purify after entering the grounds at Motoyama-ji

_MG_9955.JPGThe stairs leading up to Iyadani-ji