2009 Archive

On March 29th, we held the Inaugural English Haiku Gathering at the Kikugetsu-tei Teahouse in Ritsurin Garden.
On March 7th, I participated in a seminar by Taro Tamura-sensei, Representative Director of the Non-Profit Organization "Tabunka Kyōsei Center Osaka."
December 6, 2008

Four CIRS and one trainee from Brazil - five in total - did "Kodomo Club: Winter Festival" with children.  We talked about the origins and traditions of Christmas and the ways in which people spend Christmas in different countries.  It was followed by games and craft-making (wooden ornaments). It was a tight schedule but fun 2 hours. 
January 22, 2009

I visited Kitaminami Elementary School.  I gave a talk about what they wear and eat, the house they live in, and lifestyles in Canada. Canada is a multinational, multicultural country made up of immigrants.
  There are many differences between Canada and Japan but there are similarities.  I think it is important to understand both differences and similarities.  After the presentation, the students shared their thoughts and impressions.  Many students were surprised that the population of Canada is small  compared to that of Japan, despite the large area of the country

Global Seminar (Tonosho)

January 7, 2009

I visited the Tonosho Kitaura Jidokan.  I started with simple English conversation practice and wrote each child`s name in English.  I also talked about what kind of people live in Canada, food Canadians eat, and the Olympic Games.  I kept it simple so that everyone got familiarized with Canada.

Then it was followed by long-waited cooking class.  We made chocolate fondue.  Slicing fruits, melting chocolate and cutting bread; Boom! You are done.  I also explained a rule about eating fondue.  If a man drops bread in fondue, he has to buy a wine.  If a woman drops a bread, she has to kiss the person sitting on his left.  And that made everyone eat very carefully so that they don't drop a piece.  There was a child who claimed he does not like chocolate, but eventually he was eating chocolate too.  It was nice to see everyone making and enjoying the chocolate fondue together.

We had an event called Kodomo Club: Greetings from the World.  Many children arrived in IPAL in the early morning.  First I introduced lifestyles and famous places in Canada and then gave a true-or-false quiz about Canada trivia.  It was fun.  Although it was limited to 2 hours, I hope they felt more familiar with and interested in Canada.

Global Seminar (Kanonji)

November 22, 2008

I visited Kanonji for a Global Seminar lecture.  I talked about cultures, customs and famous places in Canada.  During the lecture, a question about gender equality was raised, and I gave a talk about the employment and graduation rates of women and men in Canada.  When I told them that we do not put age, gender and picture, they asked a lot of questions.  It was rewarding because they were very interested in Canada.
December 18, 2008

I made pumpkin pies in International Understanding Class.  It was fun to have many people joining the class and cooking together.   Pumpkin pie is a dessert with a balance between the sweet, soft pumpkin and fragrant cinnamon. It is one of the most popular North American desserts.  It is usually eaten during the harvest seasons -autumn and winter - including Halloween, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.  It is often made from canned pumpkin puree, but this time we used Japanese pumpkins and even made the crust from the scratch.  Of course it turned out great. Yummy! Many participants were keen on cooking and there were some creative pies.

With my motto "Simple, Fun Recipes Anyone Can Make," I am looking forward to cooking various dishes with many people.  So please feel free to join Sweets Challenge and have fun!

Mr. Takahiro Shinyo, the Japanese Ambassador to Germany, had a courtesy visit with Governor Manabe after he made a speech at Marugame Senior High School, his alma mater.