2009 Archive

American Trivia Game!

At I-PAL Kagawa on June 10th, I held an American Trivia Game, in which the participants could test their knowledge of American history, culture, etc.  In this game, I projected multiple choice questions onto a screen, and the participants tried to answer them.  Though there were many categories, such as American Presidents, Society, Sports, etc., I was surprised at how knowledgeable so many of the participants were.  Everyone who participated, thank you for studying up on my home country for the game!


trivia 2.jpg

American Football!

Football is a sport that is not very big in Japan, but it's the most popular in the United States.  In order to teach how great football is to people of Kagawa Prefecture, I held an International Understanding Class on June 6th.  After introducing the history, rules, and culture of football, the whole group, including the participants, as well as Kagawa University and foreign resident volunteers, went out to Chuo Koen to play the game.  One of the participants said that they were able to understand what football was all about because they not only heard the lecture in the classroom but also got to actually participate in a game.  It was a blast to give football a try with these fine folks, as we played under the blue June sky.

football 1.JPG