The Seto Inland Sea, blessed with a warm climate and nature in abundance, contains many islands. In total, there are 24 inhabited islands and 92 desert islands within Kagawa Prefecture. Why don’t you try fishing, camping, swimming in the sea, cycling, sea kayaking or visiting sites of historical interest on these uniquely charming islands?

People looking for a residence to rent in Japan usually think about their budget and the size of the rooms,
location with regards to public transport, and parking availability, then take these concerns up with a real estate agent to help them find a place. Some people also utilize specialty publications devoted to housing information, or have their office or place of work recommend something for them.

A New Year and Golden Week
March and April see two major changes in the lives of young people.

Flower Viewing Spots in Kagawa
(from “Kagawa Event Guidebook”)

News of the “Cherry Blossom Front” and Pollen Reports
News reports during cherry blossom season usually
include a report about where in Japan the trees(usually
the Somei-Yoshino cherry tree)are blooming. Progressing
from south to north, the Cherry Blossom Front marches
its way up the Japanese archipelago.