2006 Archive

Autumn-leaf viewing : With this season’s continuing refreshing, fine weather, one can say that this is the easiest season for living in Japan.

Autumn Festival:Various crops ripen to abundance in Autumn, and at farms, the inekari(rice harvest, pulling rice plants from the paddies)takes place.

Times when the holidays overlap are, for Japanese people, points where they can particularly feel the turning of the seasons.

KJ200610: Public Holidays

In Japan there are 14 Public Holidays every year.

KJ200610: Let's try onsen!

Most Japanese just love onsen(hot springs baths)and o-furo(public baths, or those in the home).
Relaxing in the hot water, one can let the day’s exhaustion just melt away.

In cold weather an o-furo will warm the soul. Won’t you give the“naked association”of the Japanese bath a try?

Foreigners living in Japan need to apply for a reentry permit any time they leave the country on a short trip.

If you fail to obtain a re-entry permit, your visa will be nullified when you leave the country and you will have to go through the hassle of getting a new one.