2009 Archive

On May 16th, I participated in the 3rd Henro Experience for Foreign Residents, where we walked about 15 kilometers between Nagaoji and Okuboji.  At our departure point, Nagao Temple, a monk from the temple taught us about the history of Nagaoji, including the fact that on the temple's main hall can still be found the family crest of the Matsudaira Clan - the feudal lords of Takamatsu who used to give patronage to the temple.  I translated this conversation for the benefit of the other participants.  This was physically the most difficult Henro Experience thus far, but we reached the peak of Nyotai Mountain, just before Okuboji, we could all deeply appreciate the beauty of Sanuki as we looked out onto the scenery below us.

Henro, with priest.jpg

The ambassador of the Republic of Cuba visited Kagawa for a lecture on cross-cultural exchange and for exchange through baseball. He had a courtesy visit with the Governor.

We followed the "Shikoku no Michi" (Shikoku Path) stretching between Nagaoji Temple and Okuboji Temple. The weather was unstable but it didn't rain hard until the end of the event.