KJ2006.07: 2006 Archive

Do you know someone who is troubled by their Japanese language ability?
In order to switch your foreign license into a Japanese license, you must submit the necessary documents to the driving center in your area.
The time and location of garbage collection depends on the district you are living in. Please ask the city hall, town hall, or your neighbors about garbage disposal in your area.

Onslaught of typhoons : From summer till the beginning of autumn, low-pressure systems develop in the southern waters and attack Japan in the form of strong winds and heavy rain.

Obon(Bon Festival)and Summer Festivals : Summer truly arrives at the end of July when the rainy season finally comes to an end. The children go on summer holidays.

Drought : Even among the prefectures that lie on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa Prefecture is a region with many days of fair weather and little rain.